Fresh Produce VOL 2

FPV2-All original material by the Fresh Produce Face Book Group. Once again breaking the boundaries of sound on a worldwide spectrum.

Let us ontinue our journey in audio diversity, we hope you’ll join us

Heres FPV2’s Roster-Artists listed in track order.

Artists                            Location                        Link

Tsar Megha – Black Country UK –

Avenging Wind-New York NY

Noremac the Prophet-Bronx NY USA-

Wax Mantic-Paris FRA-

Matatabi-Tokyo JPN-

Juliett.S-Santa Fe ARG-

Rohit Devesar-London UK-

Woods-Felixstowe UK-

Czheck-Coralville IA

Dj Hellblazer-Paris FRA-

Lause Bub Beats-DEU-

Amalgam-Rincon NM USA-

HelixTheSpaceCat-Britain UK-

Dune-Las Cruces NM USA-

Jimmy Beatz-Half Moon Bay CA USA-

Electric Farmer-Wolverhampton UK-

Nextwon-Chicago IL USA-

The Riddlore?-Eureka CA USA-

Pjwizrd-Columbia MO USA-

KidBeat-Vignola ITA-

Dead Ott-Oxford UK-

Trist-Las Cruces NM USA-

Mike Nicholson-Bristol UK-

MoJoe-Walsall Britain UK-

Chris Owl-Pittsburgh PA USA-

Vimana Aircraft-Westcreek CO USA-


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